Sentry luminaires stand guard over the New York harbor by day, in a reserved tulip style with detailing that harkens back to the timelessly elegant look of old Manhattan. By evening, their brilliant glow enhances the festivities of the plazas and esplanades. Our style and geographic range of installations is broad: fly to the west coast to see our Irvine style SIV luminaire and back to the east coast for New York’s award winning Central Park SCP luminaire.

Within our extensive catalog you’ll find a wide range of luminaire styling and light sources, including LED, high intensity discharge (HID), and others. These light source families provide the highest efficiency in lumen output, service life and energy use.

Choose from our complimentary offering of pole and bollard styles to communicate a sense of unity, design consistency and order to any historic or contemporarily designed environment. Ask your representative about our custom capabilities.