SWW-18-20-LED Washington Ball Globe

The Washington Ball Globe luminaire features a graceful, classically styled decorative base that mates beautifully with a variety of posts.  On-Board solid-state lighting technology enables users to realize a reduction in energy consumption, maintenance, downtime, and various costs associated with today’s sustainable initiatives.

At the heart of SWW-18-20-LED is Sentry’s optical system, which works in tandem with the exterior globe to provide comfortable, pleasing, diffuse light.  Several system wattages and color temperatures satisfy a multitude of application needs.

The SWW-18-20-LED features a high-strength cast aluminum base and polycarbonate or acrylic globe. A high-gloss Super Durable polyester powder coat paint enhances the aesthetic appearance and provides a long lasting, protective finish.


Decorative base to be of high-strength ASTM 356.1 cast aluminum. Seamless blow-molded polycarbonate, or, acrylic globe shall create a weather tight chamber for the LED components and driver(s). Globe shall be easily removable to allow for maintenance.

LED components and driver(s) are securely affixed to the mechanical structures.  A thermal management system dissipates heat to insure compliance with ratings of the LED components and driver(s).


Seamless blow-molded polycarbonate, or, acrylic globe in combination with internal refractor(s).  White globe creates a subtle light diffusing effect to optimize visual comfort.


Meets UL 1598 for Safety.  Luminaire shall utilize voltage sensing 120-277V driver, suitably rated for the specified LED light engine.  LED rated life shall be no less than 50,000 hours.  Luminaires shall be prewired and factory tested.

Surge Protection

Surge protected line-neutral, line-ground, and neutral-ground in accordance with ANSI/IEEE 62.41.


To insure product durability, all exposed metallic surfaces shall be finished with a high performance coating consisting of high gloss Super Durable polyester powder coat paint to be applied utilizing a multi stage process that includes phosphate pretreatment, electrostatic powder application, and convection curing.  Paint shall be weather, corrosion, abrasion, and UV resistant in compliance with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s specification AAMA 2604-05.  Color to be specified. 


Mounts to a 3” diameter by 3” tall tenon. Three (3) 3/8”-16 UNC stainless steel allen head cup point set screws secure luminaire to post top tenon. All mounting hardware shall be stainless steel.