SUDL Under Deck LED Light

SUDL Under Deck Light, designed specifically for lighting large roadways such as underneath overpasses, tunnels and bridges.  The luminaire can be configured with several beam spreads and light levels to deliver effective roadway illumination.

Meets recognized Rain Test and Vibration/ Shock Standards. Rugged cast aluminum construction.  Luminaire comprised of rectangular housing and gasketed door, which is hinged to housing and secured with two (2) solid trigger release latches. Door incorporates LEDs and sealed IP66 lens optics.


Luminaire consists of a rectangular housing with door constructed from cast aluminum.  Door incorporates a weatherproof gasket.  Door with LEDs and multi-lens optic creates IP66 protection for LEDs.  Door shall be hinged to housing and secured with two (2) solid latches. Solid latches shall be captive in a closed position with trigger release. Stainless Steel cable secures door to the housing. Optional screw attachment of the door to the housing available.

Meets the following standards:

-  UL 1598 for Safety, Section 13.5.2 Rain Test.

-  American National Standard for Roadway Lighting Equipment Luminaire Vibration, ANSI C136.31-2001, Section 5.

-  New York City Vibration / Shock Test For Roadway Luminaires.


LEDs with lens optics may create symmetrical or asymmetrical light distributions.


Meets U.L. 1598 and 8750 standards for safety. Luminaire shall utilize voltage sensing constant current 120-277V driver, suitably rated for the specified LED light engine(s).  Luminaires shall be prewired and factory tested.

Surge Protection

Surge protected line-neutral, line-ground, and neutral-ground in accordance with ANSI/IEEE 62.41, Category C3.


To insure product durability, all exposed metallic surfaces shall be finished with a high performance coating consisting of high gloss Super Durable polyester powder coat paint to be applied utilizing a multistage process that includes phosphate pretreatment, electrostatic powder application, and convection curing. Paint shall be weather, corrosion, abrasion, and UV resistant in compliance with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s specification AAMA 2604-05. Color to be specified.


Mounts using two (2) side "L Type" brackets.  Cast-in mounting orientation stops (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°) in each end of housing.  All mounting holes shall be Ø1/2".