SSFL-2 Super Floodlight

SSFL-2 Super Floodlight, a premium quality floodlight. This 16" x 16" floodlight delivers a wide, uniform spread of light. Designed to deliver high levels of light over large outdoor areas. Ideally suited for lighting plazas, sales lots, parking fields and park grounds.

Adjustable post top adapter provides ability to direct the wide spread beam to desired angle of tilt. Thus, SSFL-2 is highly effective for lighting walls and signs.

Available with High-Pressure Sodium, or, Metal Halide lamp sources.

High-strength lightweight construction. Die-cast housing and lens door. Diffuser-finished Alzak® reflector generates uniform light distribution without spikes or hot spots. Thermal shock and impact resistant tempered glass lens. Weatherproof as lens door gasketed to housing.


Housing and lens door are made from die cast aluminum. Thermal shock and impact resistant tempered glass lens. Lens door gasketed to housing making it weatherproof. Accessories include, LS Light Shield to limit beam spread, PS Protective Shield (polycarbonate) and WG Wire Guard (stainless steel). Supplied with 3 ft. 3-conductor external cordset.


Available in High Intensity Discharge (HID).

Reflector is diffuser-finished Alzak® for uniform light distribution without spikes or hot spots. Clear, flat tempered glass lens.


Meets UL 1598 for Safety. Luminaire shall have porcelain socket rated for 600V with 4kV pulse and uses a nickel-plated screw shell with spring-loaded center contact and lamp grips. Luminaires shall be prewired and factory tested. The ballast shall be a high power factor, constant wattage autotransformer type. The power factor shall be at least 90%.


To insure product durability, all exposed metallic surfaces shall be finished with a high performance powder coat paint to be applied utilizing a multistage process to insure resistance to weathering, corrosion, abrasion, and UV. Color to be Architectural Bronze.


Mounts utilizing the following accessories:

TR  Trunnion Bracket
KS  Knuckle Slipfitter with adjustable angle of tilt (up to Ø2 3/8” OD)