SEVL Evacuation Light

SEVL Evacuation Light, is designed specifically as a wall-mounted, low-profile light source for evacuation and way-finding in tunnels.  Its specialized optical designed was one of several factors that helped this luminaire become recognized by the 2018 Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report for its contributions to the art and science of lighting.  It is a rugged, highly specified product that contributes to the safety of drivers and pedestrians during normal or emergency conditions.

o Designed for wall mounting.
o Light distribution and luminance meet requirements of CIE 193:2010 for pedestrian lighting.
o Available in amber, green, and white emitters to suit customer-specific indication requirements.
o On, off, or flashing conditions controlled via external sources.
o Listed in accordance with UL 1598 and UL 1870.
o 120 Volt input
o Type 304 cast stainless-steel housing and Junction Box cover for rugged, sturdy design.
o Hot-dipped galvanized ductile iron Junction Box to create protective environment for electrical wiring.
o IP66 rating.
o Junction Box and gasketed cover create NEMA 3R enclosure.
o Durable polycarbonate lenses to resist harsh tunnel environment.


Luminaire consists of cast 304 stainless-steel Emitter housing affixed to stainless-steel Junction Box cover.  Luminaire to mount to optional hot dip galvanized 65-45-12 ductile iron Junction Box.  Junction Box contains two (2) 1" NPT holes for 1" conduit.

Emitter housing with Junction Box cover creates an IP66 sealed enclosure for the LED components.  Emitter housing is connected to the line voltage via quick disconnect for easy installation and replacement. Junction Box with Junction Box cover and silicone gasket create a NEMA 3R enclosure. Meets UL 1598 and UL 8750.  Wet location rated.  All hardware shall be stainless steel.


Clear polycarbonate lens in combination with lens filter creates desired emitted color.

Light distribution and luminance values in accordance with CIE 193:2010, Section 2.3, pedestrian lighting standards for Emergency Lighting In Road Tunnels.

 - Maximum candela value of 40cd not to be exceeded in a cone of 2 x 15° with the axis formed from the driver's observation direction.

 - In smoke conditions, minimum of 1 cd maintained by each luminaire in all directions.


Luminaire to be UL listed. Internal driver to operate utilizing 120 Volts at 60 Hz.

Quick disconnect power connector to line voltage. Surge protected line voltage.


Emitter with Junction Box cover is wall mounted to Junction Box utilizing provided 12-24 hex head stainless-steel hardware.