SCI-B-BOL is an ideal choice for illuminating pathways, cross walks, driveways, parks, and other similar public spaces. Constructed in cast iron for durability, the SCI-B-BOL bollard is detailed with flutes, leaves and floral designs to harmonize with the SCI-B series of poles, contributing to a sense of unity, recognition and order. One access door in the column and two access doors in the base are secured with stainless steel hardware. Light sources include LED, HID, and incandescent.


The bollard shall be from thick walled ASTM A48, Class 30, cast iron.

Two (2) access doors in the base (4” x 8” minimum opening) and one (1) hinged access door in the column (8” x  4” minimum opening) shall be secured with stainless steel hardware.


Available in a range of lamp choices and wattage ratings including High Intensity Discharge (HID) and Incandescent. Available with a Louver System and Type V distribution. Polycarbonate lens.


Meets UL 1598 for Safety. Luminaire shall have porcelain socket rated for 600V with 4kV pulse and uses a nickel-plated screw shell with spring-loaded center contact and lamp grips. Luminaires shall be prewired and factory tested. The ballast shall be a high power factor, constant wattage autotransformer type. The power factor shall be at least 90%.


The bollard shall be provided with (4) Ø3/4” x 24” long ”L-Type” anchor bolts. Each anchor bolt shall be supplied assembled with (2) nuts, (2) flat washers and (1) split lock washer. The bollard shall have a Ø12” bolt circle and requires a 3” anchor bolt projection. All anchorage hardware shall be fully galvanized.


The bollard shall be finished with a high performance coating achieved with a two step paint process.  A two-part, rust inhibitive, high build catalyzed polyamide/bisphenol A epoxy base primer, and a finish coat that is a two-part aliphatic acrylic polyurethane.  Paint shall be weather, corrosion, abrasion, and UV resistant in compliance with the Society for Protective Coatings SSPC-36 (level 3) paint standard. Color to be specified.