SAL-RCB: Wall Bracket

SAL-RCB-PA: Wall Bracket, Pole Adapter

SAL-RCB-CM: Wall Bracket, Corner Mount

SAL-RCB-PM: Wall Bracket, Pendant Mount

SAL-RCB-PM-PLZC: Wall Bracket, Pendant Mount with Plumbizer Collar (requires PLZH option on luminaire)

SAL-RCB-2: 2-Way Crossarm (2 luminaires required)

SAL-RCB-2+1: 2-Way + 1 Crossarm (3 luminaires required)

SAL-RCB-3: 3-Way Crossarm (3 luminaires required)

SAL-RCB-3+1: 3-Way + 1 Crossarm (4 luminaires required)

SAL-RCB-4: 4-Way Crossarm (4 luminaires required)

SAL-RCB-4+1: 4-Way + 1 Crossarm (5 luminaires required)


Decorative brackets shall be from high-strength ASTM 356.1 cast aluminum with minimum wall thickness no less than 1/4".

Luminaire Mounting

A ∅3" by 3" tall tenon(s) for luminaire mounting shall be provided.

Crossarm & Wall Bracket Mounting

Wall Bracket mounts using various mounting configurations (see above tabs). Pendant mount utilizes 2" NPS nipple. Optional PLZC Plumbizer Collar for pendant mount replaces 2" NPS nipple.

2-Way, 3-Way and 4-Way Crossarms mount to a ∅3" by 3" tenon. (4) 3/8"-16 UNC allen head cup point set screws secure bracket to tenon.

Stainless steel hardware provided for bracket assemblies where applicable. Wall mounting hardware not supplied.


The crossarm or wall bracket shall be finished with a high performance coating consisting of high gloss Super Durable polyester powder coat paint to be applied utilizing a multistage process that includes phosphate pretreatment, electrostatic powder application, and convection curing. Paint shall be in compliance with the specification AAMA 2604-05. Color to be specified.