Removeable Pullout Bollard

The Removeable Pullout Bollard is specially designed to allow the end customer to disengage a non-illuminated bollard from its mounting during special events or for

emergency circumstances so that vehicles or pedestrians can readily pass through. When installed, the bollard is securely affixed to the mounting, whose top is flush with the ground surface.  When removed, the mounting remains fixed in place, but does not present itself as a barrier. Non-illuminated bollards are ideal choices for providing demarcation and protection for pathways, cross walks, driveways, and other similar public spaces.

Constructed in cast aluminum for durability, the Removeable Pullout Bollard is available in a variety of decorative designs that include flutes, contours,leaves and floral designs.  This allows the bollards to harmonize with other poles and illuminated bollards, contributing to a sense of unity, recognition and order. Access doors in the bollard base are secured with stainless steel hardware.


The bollard shall be made from cast ASTM 356.1 and extruded ASTM 6063 aluminum construction. The bollard shall be provided with a 30" long aluminum extension fully welded to the base. Access doors in the base shall be secured with stainless steel hardware.


A 30" long extrusion (Type 4B) shall be embedded flush with the ground.  The extension welded to the bottom of the bollard shall slip inside the embedded extension and shall be secured in place with two (2) 3/8-16 stainless steel set screws.


The bollard shall be finished with a high performance coating consisting of high gloss Super Durable polyester powder coat paint to be applied utilizing a multistage process. Paint shall be weather, corrosion, abrasion, and UV resistant in compliance with AAMA 2604-05. Color to be specified.