Removeable Bollard Base

The removeable bollard base is specially designed to allow the end customer to disengage a SCI-W or SAL-W bollard from the in-ground base during special events or for emergency circumstances so that vehicles or pedestrians can readily pass through.  A rugged, steel securing pin holds the bollard to the in-ground base, and has an accommodation for a lock or other type of tamperproof device.

When installed, the bollard is securely affixed to the in-ground base.  The easily accessible securing pin, located at ground level, is indistinguishable and allows the bollard to retain is attractive, decorative appearance.


The in-ground bollard base is a welded assembly consisting of a flange, in-ground post, and a sleeve that accepts the securing pin.  Both the base assembly and securing pin shall be made from galvanized steel.

The securing pin has a hole on one end to accept a lock or other tamperproof device to optionally lock the pin in place.


The bollard that will be utilized with the in-ground bollard base shall be suitably modified to fit on top of the base assembly and accept the securing pin.  The bollard shall be seated on top of the flange of the in-ground bollard base.


The in-ground bollard base shall be placed in the ground so that the flange is at ground level.  The in-ground bollard base is then back-filled and secured in place with cement.