LED Tulips

The Sentry LED Tulip Series incorporates the most current light engine technology with time honored, historically-styled designs, thereby delivering both aesthetic appeal and the benefits of LEDs. Sentry LED Tulip luminaires will deliver a reduction in energy consumption, maintenance, and down time, which slashes the life-cost of the product and contributes to a user’s sustainable initiatives.

LED Tulip luminaires each utilize a downward-facing LED module in concert with a variety of internal reflectors and/or refractors that provide either symmetric or asymmetric light distribution.  With the use of Sentry’s proprietary exterior globe finish, the LED Tulip luminaire provides the same authentic appearance as luminaires that utilize other traditional light sources.

Sentry’s LED Tulip luminaires are perfectly suited for many street lighting and area lighting applications. Systems are available in several color temperatures with high CRI light, flattering to people, objects and structures.