About Us


Our Wide Range of Complimentary Services For Design Professionals Ensures Outstanding Project Results Every Time.

Lighting Layouts

Service: A no cost, point-by-point lighting analysis for architects and engineers.
Benefit to You: Allows professionals to verify lighting type, wattage and placement to ensure that proper light levels are achieved for specific locations, security needs and lighting tasks.

Submittal Drawings

Base concept submittal drawings for public, institutional and corporate projects after receipt of order.
Benefit to You: Professional preliminary drawings enhance project presentations and give civic and institutional decision makers more confidence when awarding contracts. They also allow architects and planners to verify proper fit, form and function for lighting projects, as well as to validate designs and quality standards.

Product Design

State-of-the-art, computer-aided design technology, including Solid Modeling, Finite Element Model Stress Analysis and Ray Tracing, for custom work and original design initiatives.
Benefit to You: Ensures that during design and production, Sentry products will meet the stringent requirements of city planners and the performance

Manufacturing Drawings

Our manufacturing drawings are unparalleled, with the essential details and final specifications that enable us to achieve manufacturing excellence.
Benefit to You: Sentry manufacturing drawings enable your custom as well as your standard products to be manufactured to the highest level of quality... reliably and with precision.