BNB Binghamton

BNB: Binghamton
1-Way Roadway Arm, Upsweep, Top Mounted

BNB-2: Binghamton
2-Way Roadway Arm, Upsweep, Top Mounted


Roadway arm shall be made from 2” (2 3/8” OD) Schedule 40 steel pipe. Decorative scrollwork shall be from ASTM 6063 aluminum and finials fabricated from high-strength ASTM 356.1 cast aluminum.

Luminaire Mounting

Pendant mounted luminaire side mounts utilizing a Right Angled Adapter (See "BNAD-PTAD-BBAD" product listing for Right Angled Adapters).  Luminaire with side mount slip fitter mounts directly to the BNB roadway arm.

Roadway Arm Mounting

BNB mounts to a Ø2 3/8” by 4” tall pole top tenon.

Consult factory for more details.


To insure product durability, the roadway arm shall be finished with a high performance coating consisting of high gloss Super Durable polyester powder coat paint to be applied utilizing a multistage process that includes phosphate pretreatment, electrostatic powder application, and convection curing.  Paint shall be weather, corrosion, abrasion, and UV resistant in compliance with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s specification AAMA 2604-05.  Color to be specified.