Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting encompasses various sources used to illuminate gardens, foliage, pathways, steps, and other portions of public spaces. Designers and architects endeavor to balance the needs of safety and security with aesthetic appeal. Sentry Electric's many decorative luminaires and bollards can blend seamlessly with the architecture and any required complimentary specialty lighting to create the intended experience for those that are viewing and/or occupying public spaces.

When making a bold, architecturally significant statement, Sentry's tulip and lantern series make for wonderful choices.  As LED landscape lighting makes its way onto the fixture schedule, Sentry luminaires with LED light sources will help reduce energy consumption and maintenance while providing superior optical control. For a more subdued appearance, Sentry's acorns and spheres are quite apropos. For lower mounting heights and lower levels of lighting along pathways and pedestrian areas, the inclusion of either lighted or unlighted bollards is an apt solution.