Charging Stations and Receptacles


A common feature often seen on light poles is an electrical receptacle with a weather-resistant “in-use” cover.  Traditionally mounted near the top of the pole, these outlets are mostly used to provide power for holiday and festival lighting.  As the world becomes more mobile, power demands have increased, as people often find themselves in need of a place to plug-in and recharge their phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Electrical wiring device manufacturers have met this demand by designing outlets with various combinations of USB connected rechargers and standard AC receptacles.

Devices with USB-connected rechargers now appear in airports, hotel rooms, schools, hospitals, and other public venues.  Accessibility to these charging stations can be improved by installing them in conveniently located bollards and light posts.  The addition of pole-mounted and bollard-mounted charging stations and receptacles at lower mounting heights allows people to stay connected and negates the need for stand-alone recharging stations.