About Us

"It’s all in the approach."

How are we able to consistently marry the stringent requirements of designers, engineers and planners with the performance demands of public environments? The answer lies in our strong base of knowledge acquired over the last fifty years, our attention to planning and our philosophy of excellence applied to every phase of production through shipping, in our extensive facility in Freeport, New York.
The Sentry approach is rigid in attention to detail yet flexible and versatile in design.
Start with the Right Tools
We offer a wide range of complimentary design services that ensure outstanding results from the "get go". Ask about Lighting Layouts, Submittal Drawings, Product Design and Manufacturing Drawings.   (Click on Design Services link above)
State-of-the-art technology matched with eagle-eyed staff designers. Computer aided design technologies include : Solid Modeling, Finite Element Model Stress Analysis, Ray Tracing and IES Photometric Data. (Click on Design Services link above)
We design and specify our own tools and dies, carefully overseeing their creation and individual castings to serve individual needs.
Work with Committed, Creative, Highly Trained People
From manufacturing through assembly, finishing and shipping, the Sentry family is knowledgeable and resourceful in assessing your needs, serving your interests, acquiring high performance materials and bearing a green philosophy in mind throughout the various processes.
We exercise extreme control over every phase, which enables us to remain flexible at every phase and to handle virtually any size order. We value on time delivery and are known for "going the extra mile" to ensure project success.
Finally, our president’s phone, email and door are always open to you.