About Us

Who specifies our product and why?
Award-winning. Architecturally significant. High performance. Durable materials and construction. Vandal resistant. Specification grade. Built to highest standards for safety and energy efficiency.
Yet decision makers at important national landmarks, celebrated public spaces, college campuses and urban renewal projects, restorations, housing estate plans and corporate parks are also interested in the elegance of our unique and standard, classic to contemporary designs and our ability to produce their custom designs. From Ellis Island to the streets of Beverly Hills, from a restored downtown Memphis and St. Louis district to Yale University, Sentry luminaires grace these settings while delivering maximum performance for decades.
A history of innovation and unique design.
Sentry came to national prominence in the 1970’s when it was selected as the sole manufacturer of a unique luminaire to be installed throughout Manhattan’s Central Park. That fixture, known as the Central Park Luminaire, was winner of a design competition conducted by the Central Park Conservancy and has been marketed exclusively by Sentry since that time.
Are you interested in custom product or original design?
We work with architects and artists (whom we protect with pro-active copyright enforcement) to create original designs, taking them from concept and production to delivery, or to customize our standard catalog products. To ensure a unified look, we manufacture a comprehensive line of poles and bollards (in aluminums, cast iron, ductile iron and steel) to coordinate with our line of luminaires.
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