New "CW" Series LED Bollards Showcased On YouTube

FREEPORT,NY, May 2016 – When Dicin Electric, one of Connecticut’s largest electrical contractors, was selected to install the lighting at the US Coast Guard Academy, they were tasked with providing the most current solid state lighting technology.  For the Academy’s long pier that was designed with historically-styled bollards, they chose Sentry Electric.  Dicin produced a video [CLICK HERE] that showcases the overall lighting project while simultaneously highlighting the Sentry Electric bollards.

The bollard of choice, Sentry’s “CW Series,” is ruggedly constructed in cast aluminum for durability.  The bollard’s contours and light-emitting top symbolically resemble a lighthouse, which helps to reinforce the Academy’s nautical theme. The most current solid state technology is incorporated into this maritime-styled design, thereby delivering aesthetic appeal with the benefits of LEDs.

With the rapidly expanding use of LED light sources in recent years, Sentry has developed a high level of expertise in the manufacturing of highly reliable, top-performing LED lighting products.  These lighting products retain their historically significant appearance in both daytime and nighttime settings.  Sentry’s YouTube channel includes a series of short videos that help lighting and construction industry decision-makers learn more about Sentry’s capabilities with the full spectrum of LED product.

About Sentry Electric:
Sentry Electric is North America’s most responsive source of standard and custom exterior lighting, completely committed to end-to-end project success. The company’s specification grade luminaires, cast iron and aluminum bollards, poles, brackets and accessories are installed across America’s prestigious municipal street, park and university settings, including deployments at Yale University, Battery Park City in lower Manhattan, Indianapolis’ Lower Canal Park, UCLA, and Ellis Island. Lighting designers and engineers, architects and urban planners all rely on the company’s commitment to end-to-end project success and its unparalleled knowledge of architecturally significant exterior lighting, honed over the past seventy years.

Sentry has produced award-winning outdoor lighting products, including the SCP Central Park tulip luminaire, the winner of a Central Park Conservancy design competition as well as a 2013 Architectural SSL Product Innovation Award. Sentry was also recognized in 2013 by the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report, and in 2011, 2012, and 2013 by Buildings Magazine for its Top Money-Saving products. Sentry’s catalog includes a range of luminaires in a variety of styles that incorporate many different light sources, including LED, high intensity discharge (HID), compact fluorescent, induction, and incandescent.



Date: 16-May-2016