2013 IES Progress Report Recognition for SDAS-LED Downtown Luminaire

Freeport, NY, February 24, 2014 – Sentry Electric, one of North America’s most experienced and knowledgeable manufacturers of outdoor luminaires, announced that Architectural SSL Magazine has selected the company’s SRL-LED Roadway Luminaire as a recipient of a 2014 Product Innovation Award. The SRL-LED luminaire is featured in the magazine’s February 2014 edition and in their e‑newsletter, SSL Online.

Sentry Electric’s winning product, the SRL-LED Roadway Luminaire provides time-proven design for streets and boulevards while its innovative optics deliver the many benefits associated with solid state lighting technology.  Most notably, users will realize a reduction in energy consumption, maintenance, downtime, and various costs associated with today’s sustainable initiatives.

The SRL-LED luminaire’s unique combination of refractive borosilicate glass optics and LED modules is a groundbreaking advance in the evolution of solid state technology used for street and area lighting. Said one judge, “Its unique look is so different than what we’ve seen before in roadway luminaires.  I like the modularity.”

The SRL-LED’s downward facing LEDs have an unobstructed path to the illuminated surface, providing a highly efficacious result of 92.9 lumens per watt.  This performance exceeds or rivals most architectural as well as non-decorative roadway/area luminaires from around the industry.

The LED light engine is a Bridgelux Vero 18 module, which utilizes chip-on-board (COB) design to optimize performance while minimizing the size of the light emitting surface area.  This allows for the integration with lenses and mini-reflectors to control optical distribution. With 80 CRI and 3SDCM consistency, visibility of the illuminated surface is improved as compared to most traditional high intensity discharge (HID) light sources.

The SRL-LED luminaire is highly resistant to damage, weather and the passage of time. With its high-strength cast aluminum structure and borosilicate glass optics, it is able to withstand the rigors associated with roadway lighting. When side-mounting, an optional twist lock receptacle on the top of the luminaire allows for the attachment of a receptacle photo control.

The Award Process:

The Product Innovation Awards determine and honor the most innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also recognizing the players behind the components that make up these light sources. Winners were chosen among fifteen individual product categories. A panel of sixteen judges, who hail from all walks in the lighting industry, scored the products for a variety of attributes. The judges’ subjective comments were an additional component of product scoring. Sentry Electric’s award was in the category for area lighting.

About Architectural SSL:

Architectural SSL, with over 29,500 subscribers, targets ‘sales-critical’ members of the specification value-chain including architects, lighting designers, electrical engineers, electrical contractors, government officials, and building owners/developers who have actively expressed interest in solid‑state technologies.  It is a publication of Construction Business Media, which is headquartered in Chicago, IL.  Other publications include Architectural Products, Illuminate, and Net Zero Buildings.

About Sentry Electric:

Sentry Electric is North America’s most responsive source of standard and custom exterior lighting, completely committed to end-to-end project success. The company’s specification grade luminaires, cast iron and aluminum bollards, poles, brackets and accessories are installed across America’s prestigious municipal street, park and university settings, including deployments at Yale University, Battery Park City in lower Manhattan, Indianapolis’ Lower Canal Park, UCLA, and Ellis Island. Lighting designers and engineers, architects and urban planners all rely on the company’s commitment to end-to-end project success and its unparalleled knowledge of architecturally significant exterior lighting, honed over the past sixty years.

Sentry has produced award-winning outdoor lighting products, including the SCP Central Park tulip luminaire, the winner of a Central Park Conservancy design competition as well as a 2013 Architectural SSL Product Innovation Award. Sentry was also recognized in 2013 by the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report, and in 2011, 2012, and 2013 by Buildings Magazine for its Top Money-Saving products. Sentry’s catalog includes a range of luminaires in a variety of styles that incorporate many different light sources, including LED, high intensity discharge (HID), compact fluorescent, induction, and incandescent, for high efficiency, photometric performance, service life and energy use.

Date: 16-Sep-2013